The Dutch Association for Pediatric Physical Therapy

The Dutch Association for Pediatric Physical Therapy (NVFK).

Specialized physical therapy

The NVFK is a recognized association for specialized physical therapy within the Royal Dutch Society for Physical Therapy (KNGF). All pediatric physical therapists must successfully complete a master program before they are entered into the national register for Pediatric Physical Therapy Register. The NVFK has student, prospective, honorary and full members categories.

Besides the board there are also several committees and project groups. Twice a year there is a general meeting for all NVFK members. The association organizes a yearly conference and also has a network of regional members throughout the country. Furthermore the NVFK maintains a strong relationship with other associations for specialized physical therapy (of which there are 13 in the Netherlands) and the Royal Dutch Association for Physical Therapy. Pediatric physical therapists work evidence based. There is a growing group of pediatric physical therapists with a PhD.

What does the Dutch Association for Pediatric Physical Therapy do?

The association develops an implements policy geared towards maintaining and developing the quality of the profession now and in the future. With regard to physical therapy for children, our policy aims at promoting knowledge and scientific research, taking care of the interest of our members, advising KNGF, organizing and initiating schooling programs and promoting national and international collaborations. The NVFK determines the specific quality criteria for registration in the Central Quality Register Physical Therapy of the KNGF for pediatric physical therapists.